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We have integrated designs into various blogs and did the SEO work for these (Keywords, h1 h2 tag insertion, Headers, Links, Internal Href’s, Cross linking blogs, .htaccess, sitemaps etc.)
I will set up a easy to use WordPress website for you & provide video tutorials, so that you can manage the site after it is done. Alternatively you can choose me to maintain your site for you.
You may just require your own email server, Well setup a VPS for you to manage your mails, FTP accounts, PHP & MySQL server setups or specialized server software on a variety of Linux distributions.
We will host your Website, while we look for a appropriate VPS or Dedicated sever to fit your needs and budget. Once found, we can set up the control panel (Webmin, Kloxo etc. for you).
How about a Blog or forum page, which automatically updates your Facebook, Twitter and linked in accounts (and syncs the replies back to your blog) ? All that you do is to create a post, and the system takes care of the rest.
Hotel, Tourism sites are always looking for the latest and best on-line booking systems. The issue is which one to choose. One does this better, one does the other far better, but is missing some functionality. We will analyze your business needs, and give you the best solution for your current and future needs.
Give us te name of your site, and we will gladly take a look at it, analyze it and give you our honest opinion i.e. SEO, Color design, Interactiveness, CSS, responsiveness etc.