• New Website

    New Website

    • Hosting, server setup,
    • I will sit down with you, to discuss your needs.
    • Design features i.e. Goole map integration, email integration etc.
    • SEO integration (optional).
    • Premium Galleries
    • Monthly Maintenance (Additional Charges may apply)

    All This For US$ 650

    New Website

  • WordPress Makeover

    WordPress Makeover

    • Basic WordPress Makeover.
    • New or Existing Theme.
    • Includes up to 10 pages
    • Social Media integration
    • Premium Gallerie
    • Responsive design Upgrade

    All this for US$ 550

    WordPress Makeover | Web Design Costa Rica

  • SEO Costa Rica

    SEO Costa Rica

    • Search Engine Optimization for up to 5 Pages
    • Google Analytics, setup
    • Google Webmaster Tools setup
    • Google Adsense (optional)
    • Content Optimization, including Galleries.

    All this for US$ 450

    SEO Costa Rica

  • Website Maintenance

    Website Maintenance

    • Routine Maintenance.
    • Maintain links.
    • Gallery Management.
    • Social Media Links.
    • Maintain Contact Info.
    • SEO Maintenance.
    • Other charges may apply.

    All this for US$ 300 Per Month

    Website Maintenance

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    • Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn set up.
    • Social media auto update (synk)
    • Includes custom design.
    • Image Edits
    • Gravatar Creation
    • Included w/ WordPress Site.
    • Compliments other packages.

    All This for US$ 350

    Social Media | Web Design Costa Rica

  • Hijacked domains

    Hijacked domains

    • Hijacked domains are a pain in the Neck to get back, it will take a minimum of 2 to 6 months.
    • Emails, Personal Data i.e. pictures, PDF’s etc may be lost FOREVER !!!
    • There is no real guarantee, that is why we would charge:
      • US$ 1000 as a deposit (non refundable)
      • US$ 1000 when u get your domain name back.

    Lets think about this for a sec, you have a domain (13 bucks a year…not the world ?RIGHT !), but what about all the work that went into it ? Construction costs, building costs, designer costs, web hosting costs, email account loss, and then there is your  business name, it costs more to rename your business, than to pay a measly 2000 bucks (RIGHT ???)

    Hijacked domains

  • PHP – Bootstrap – SQL

    Do you have a Special Project for us perhaps using PHP – Bootstrap – SQL ? Perhaps a Online Newspaper like MyNewsForum.com, or a Site like CrListed.com… we have no qualms about tackling something like that. We have also done this before. This would normally include:

    • VPS server, set up and maintained by Thunderthrasher.com
    • FTP access Lemp or Lamp server setups, email server.
    • Unlimited email integration, sent from your own domain name server, bulk email send (up to 5000 per day to your subscribers)
    • Custom Integration of themes & Plug-ins.
    • Professional SEO services.
    • Domain name integration (Cnames, email, NS server templates, redirects)
    • PHP reprogramming, CSS modifications & HTML tweaks, Bootstrap implantations.
    • Regular database and web page backup’s.
    • Custom Database design and integration.

    Price On Demand !

    PHP - Bootstrap - SQL